Attention Bee Procrastinators! Don’t Wait To Order Spring Hardware…

It’s never too early to order your hardware items!  Whether you’ll be ordering Bee Packages, plan to collect swarms this spring or simply anticipating that your hive will be growing, be sure to get your order in early for wooden ware.

Reserve your order now and let us know when you’d like to pick it up (one week, one month, etc.) we can be ready to accommodate your needs

Travel Screens Available!

All items are fully assembled and ready for Paint and Bees.  When available,  most hardware is made from #1 or Clear Poplar which has been kiln dried and machined to tight tolerances.  Also,  because the hardware is fully assembled,  it makes shipping cost prohibitive.  Currently, we do not deliver or ship, so plan to pick up orders in Etna Wyoming.  We also try to coordinate Pick-ups from other areas….another reason to order early!  Shoot me a note to order or inquire about someone traveling to your area.

Prices are found at:  Bee Hardware

Look forward to hearing from you.  Email me at

Don’t forget to pick up a Community Feeder


2017 Bee Packages: Coming Soon!

Rockin Bees is now taking orders for 2017.  Price will be $125 for a 3 pound package.
Packages include Bees and a Mated Queen.  Most Queens are Marked for easy Identification but some do get past the marking process.  


The Italian bee:  One of the favored bee stock in this country. Known for their extended periods of brood rearing, Italian bees can build colony populations in the spring and maintain them for the entire summer. They are less defensive and less prone to disease than their German counterparts, and they are excellent honey producers. For more about Italian honeybees, go to .

The Carniolan:  Another hearty and preferred stock, their explosive spring buildup enables this race to grow rapidly in population and take advantage of blooms that occur much earlier in the spring.  They are extremely docile and can be worked with little smoke and protective clothing. They are also less prone to robbing other colonies of honey, lowering disease transmission among colonies. Finally, they are very good builders of wax combs, which can be used for products ranging from candles, to soaps, to cosmetics.


For more about Italian honeybees, go to .


Note that we do not deliver, so you’ll need to arrange pickup near Etna, Wyoming approximately early to mid-April 2017 (weather dependant).  We often have buyers carpool, so let me know where you’re coming from and we’ll help you coordinate.  If you will be needing hardware, please let us know ahead of time so we can have it built for you!


To order, email me at  Tell me how many packages, the species and any hardware needs!