The Hardware

"Love Many,  Trust Few, and Learn to Saddle Your Own Horse" 
- Old Indian Proverb


If you need well-made Bee wooden ware at a very reasonable price, I would appreciate the opportunity to be your supplier!

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Note!  All items are fully assembled and ready for Paint and Bees.  When available,  most hardware is made from #1 or Clear Poplar which has been kiln dried and machined to tight tolerances.  Also,  because the hardware is fully assembled,  it makes shipping cost prohibitive.  Thus Pick up only in Etna Wyoming.  We always try to coordinate Pick-ups from other areas.  Shoot me a note to order or inquire about someone traveling to your area.

$ 17.00
$ 14.00
Honey Super
$ 13.00
Frames  (Assembled)
$ 1.50
Frames w/foundation (Assembled)
$ 2.75
Top Cover
$ 15.00
Inner Cover
$ 9.00
Std Btm Board
$ 14.00
IPM Btm Board
$ 15.00
Hive Beatle Traps
$ 1.00
Migratory Tops
$ 11.00
Pollen Patties
$ 2.75
$ 1.25
Complete Medium Nucs (Ready for Bees)
$ 40.00
Complete Deep Nucs (Ready for Bees)
$ 45.00

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  1. Hi, have you started building again? Can you give me a price on 2 hives with 2 deep and 2 mediums plus all frames etc.

    Thank you, pandora

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